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What is Ring Generalship? Horn/Pacquiao Case Study

ring generalship in boxing

If you’ve been around boxing long enough, you’ve probably heard the term “ring generalship” thrown around by fans, commentators, or even your boxing trainer. But what does it mean? And, more importantly, how does ring generalship make you a better fighter?Using a case study of Jeff Horn‘s controversial win over Manny Pacquiao, we nail down a definition and … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #4: 10 Ways to Throw the Jab

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​In today’s extra-long episode, we ​spotlight 10 types of jabs that you can use to set up power shots, inflict damage, and score safely.  WPP#4 features Paulie Malignaggi, Jeff Mayweather, Mike Ruiz, Lamont Peterson, Freddie Roach, and Errol Spence Jr. If you liked the show, be sure to ​follow us on Stitcher​​ or subscribe on … Read more

How to Feint in Boxing: 12 Key Concepts and Drills

In my opinion, the fastest way to learn how to feint in boxing is to study as many different sources as you can, even if you have a great trainer. Why?Because studying different teaching perspectives broadens your understanding and eliminates blind spots in your technique. You’ll get a glimpse of the different styles and tactics … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #3: Axe-Fighting in a Phonebooth

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Episode 3 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE! In today’s episode, we highlight 4 elemental axe-fighting principles that can be applied to boxing to help you land more punches, save energy, and create angles on the inside. If you liked the show, be sure to follow us on Stitcher. And look out for the … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #2: Boxing Rhythm for Beginners

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Episode 2 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE! Today’s episode is all about boxing rhythm for beginners. Learn how to improve your boxing defense, footwork, feints, head movement, and connect percentage while saving energy, all by incorporating two simple boxing rhythms: the “linear rhythm” and the “turning rhythm.” Please direct any questions to our Facebook page … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #1: ‘Beating the Blade’ for Better Feinting

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Episode 1 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE We are thrilled to bring you our new boxing technique podcast! Today’s episode explores the theory of feinting with Miguel Cotto, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and fencing Maestro Charles Selberg. Learn a bit about our show and enjoy 20 minutes of fat-free technique talk. WPP#1: ‘Beating the … Read more

Boxing Head Movement: 6 Key Concepts and Drills

Everyone wants boxing head movement like Pernell Whitaker and El Intocable, but training up to that level isn’t easy. You’ll need guts to try new techniques in sparring for the first time, and proper coaching long before then. In my opinion, the fastest way to improve your head movement is to study as many different sources … Read more

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