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Welcome to Warrior Punch – a website dedicated to teaching practical boxing for fitness, self-defense, and competition.

All of us at the Warrior Punch team are current or past fighters.

We’ve been pummeled in hundreds of rounds of sparring; learned the skills to dish out just as much punishment; spent thousands of hours smashing pads and drilling technique; had the privilege of training with some incredible fighters; been lucky enough to be tutored by some of the sport’s most knowledgeable instructors; and went through the intense training, discipline and mind games it takes to step into the ring.

As you can probably tell, boxing is a big part of our lives.

However, that’s not to say that we’re masters of fisticuffs. Far from it.

We’re always at the gym and looking for ways to hone our craft. Even if you’re touting title belts, we believe there’s always room for improvement and something greater to attain.

Through years spent grinding it out in the gym, we believe we have valuable boxing knowledge that will benefit everyone from those looking for boxercise workouts to keep lean and strong, to aspiring fighters that want to learn the art of pugilism.

So, if you want to

  • Learn how to fight for self-defense
  • Develop a powerful, athletic, and healthy body
  • Engage in exercise that is actually fun
  • Build unshatterable confidence that will forever remain
  • And develop the iron mindset of a fighter

Stick around, you’re in the right place.

Warrior Punch will teach you the skills you need to go toe-to-toe with anyone, provide the workouts to maintain a warrior’s state of body and mind, aid you in selecting training equipment that best suits your needs and be your coach in the corner you can rely on.

Train like a warrior. Become the best version of yourself possible. Act in spite of fear. Stand up for what is true and noble. Be ready to go to war to defend yourself and your loved ones. That’s the warrior way.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Stewart

Jamie Profile Pic

Jamie is a muay thai fighter that has trained for over seven years in the martial art. He’s entered the ring six times to date (4-2-0). Boxing was a childhood love that he shared with his father. He never trained as a youth, but loved staying up late to watch all the big fights with his old man.

Warrior Punch was launched at the same time Jamie started focusing on boxing as he believes it to be the most practical form of stand-up combat and self-defence. He hopes to offer WP readers a different perspective on trading fists coming from a muay thai background, and you can expect many articles from him exploring the intricacies between the crossover from muay thai to boxing.

He no longer competes in muay thai or boxing, but trains regularly in both to remain physically and mentally strong, and to keep improving in one of his greatest passions.

Brandon Macrae

​Bran has been a student, coach and competitor in the boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing community for more than 15 years.

In that time, he’s fought in five different combat sports, trained at top fight gyms across the country, and been ​beat up by a ​who’s who of Canadian boxing and MMA legends. ​

​​Bran’s teaching motivations are totally selfish. He just ​loves studying boxing and wants to talk about it all the time. ​Ever since he read somewhere that students learn better in the “tutoring condition,” he’s been pouring his heart into ​writing clear, well-researched, and fat-free boxing content, thinking it’ll make him a better fighter. ​And he gets off on helping people out, too.Bran is also the host of the Warrior Punch Podcast:

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