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45-Minute Shadow Boxing Workout Drills & Routine

Today’s shadow boxing workout consists of 13 x 3-minute rounds of skill development with 45-second rest intervals. It requires no partner or equipment and can be completed at your home or anywhere in under 45 minutes. These shadow boxing drills are designed to improve boxing-specific footwork, head movement, and combination punching skills. But they also … Read more

19-Minute Boxing Conditioning Workout – No Gear, Home-Based

Enjoy today’s 19-minute boxing conditioning workout! Scroll down for drill and exercise demonstrations.  19-Minute Boxing Conditioning Workout Warm-up – 3×3-minute footwork drills (3-minutes work, 45-seconds rest) as follows: Round 1: Figure-8s Round 2: Lateral Weldon shuffle Round 3: Locche loops 10-minute challenge – record total score: Squats (1 point) Push-ups (2 points) Burpees (3 points) Cool-down … Read more

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