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How to Jump Rope (Like a Boxer)

How to jump rope like a boxer

Do boxers possess a magical ability to jump rope? No, but it would seem that way. Watch a fighter jump rope, and you’ll see him gracefully bounce from leg to leg with impeccable timing and at lightning speeds. They all seem to be gifted with supreme athleticism and natural talent. But nothing could be further … Read more

Better Boxing Workouts at Home: Home-Gym Hacks for Beginners

Better Boxing Workouts at Home

Sneaking in boxing workouts at home is one of the best ways for beginners to speed up their skill development, get into fighting shape, and impress their coaches. But that’s not an option unless you’ve got a halfway-decent home gym. In today’s post, we explain how you can build a world-class boxing gym at home … Read more

Weight Training for Boxing – What You Need to Know

Is weight training for boxing a good idea?

How do you build muscle? That’s an easy one. You lift weights. Lifting heavy weights tears muscle fibers and the protein in your diet provides the building blocks to repair and grow muscles so that they come back bigger and stronger than before. That, ladies and gentlemen, is bodybuilding in a nutshell. If you want … Read more

How to Get Better at Boxing in 6 Months

How to Get Good at Boxing in 6 Months

The first few weeks of your boxing journey can feel pretty discouraging. You’re constantly out of breath, every step feels strange, and your lead hand has all the concussive power of a cotton ball blowing in the breeze. It sucks, especially when there are 11 and 12-year-old amateurs dancing circles around you every day. If … Read more

Boxing Roadwork Program for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Roadwork for boxing

If you’re not doing roadwork, you’re not really training for boxing.  The Marquess of Queensberry rules might outlaw running inside the ring, but it’s one of the best ways to prepare your mind and body for a bout. Elite fighters have used roadwork for boxing conditioning since the early days. Done right, it can take your recovery, punch output, and … Read more

Boxing Mitt Drills for Beginners

Boxing Equipment

Focus mitt training is one of the best ways to develop punching technique, defense, fight strategies, and sport-specific conditioning. But it’s not just for boxers; fast-paced and fun, “hitting mitts” is also a great workout for regular gym-goers looking for something more stimulating than a treadmill. Unfortunately, focus mitt work has a steep learning curve … Read more

4 Tips for Stone-Cold Calmness in the Ring

4 Tips for Stone-Cold Calmness in the Ring. Learn How to Relax in Boxing.

Fear and boxing go together like a jab and a cross. Training and competing in the sport brings forth a lot of scary “firsts” – pushing yourself to new places physically, hitting and getting hit, and performing in front of huge crowds. Boxing’s scary side makes it a very effective vehicle for human development, but … Read more

Float Like A Butterfly – 9 Boxing Footwork Training Exercises

Muhammad Ali showing that boxing footwork training pays off

Criss-crossing, back-to-front, having a mind of their own and going in every direction but where I wanted them to go. That’s how I would describe my feet when I first started boxing. How do you rate your footwork? Are you nimble, quick to attack, and hard as hell to hit? Having slick feet when training … Read more

Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Hitting the speed bag can improve hand speed, coordination, muscular endurance, and boxing ability, but only if you’re doing it right. After spending more than half my life in boxing gyms, I’ve seen my share of speed bag training fails; everything from hitting with boxing gloves to skinning bare knuckles on the swivel. I’ve even … Read more

8 Scientific Benefits of Yoga for Boxing

benefits of yoga for boxing

Yoga is a peaceful practice that cultivates health and well-being through challenging postures, movements, and breathing exercises. But did you know yoga can make you a better boxer? In today’s post, the sweet science meets sports science. Join us as we review 8 empirically proven benefits of yoga for boxing, and see whether this practice is right … Read more

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