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Boxing Film Study for Beginners

Boxing film study

“Film study” is more than just a fancy term for watching fights. When done right, boxing film study is one of the best tools you can use to pick up new techniques, develop training drills, and increase your fight IQ. As an exercise, it’s useful for anyone with an interest in boxing, and essential for those without regular access to a … Read more

How to Increase Punching Power: Boxing ‘Brakes’ + More

Once you’ve built a solid base with our beginner weight training program, you’re ready to focus on building some sport-specific qualities that are known to increase punching power. Today’s post is all about how to increase punching power in the weight room by focusing on two underappreciated forms of strength: grip and deceleration. Read on … Read more

Boxing Training Workout for Speed: 5 Explosive Training Tips

Boxing Training Workout for Speed

In boxing, they say that “speed kills,” which is why most beginners would kill for some speed. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck: today’s post is all about improving hand speed. Read on to 5 learn mental and physical training tips to help boxers of all levels get faster on fight night! The … Read more

Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow boxing is one of the most useful modalities in a fighter’s training arsenal, but it’s not particularly beginner-friendly. From a newbie’s perspective, shadow boxing looks silly: a bunch of herky-jerk head movements, hissing breaths, and half-punches without any rhyme or reason. How is that supposed to help me knock people out? And yet, strange … Read more

How to Improve Reflexes for Boxing Defense

Improve reflexes for boxing defense

It’s not all about power. Yet, for many newbie boxers, brute strength, and how hard they can smash the bag, is their primary concern. Under their coach’s guidance, they learn that power comes from sound technique, so they slow it down and concentrate on mastery of the movements. They want to look good throwing combos, … Read more

Speed vs Power: 4 Reasons Why Speed Wins Every Time

speed vs power in boxing

Fans love to watch heavyweights go at it. Their sheer power and the possibility and thrill of a knockout keep eyeballs glued to bouts between the big guns. Maybe this is where our fascination with power stems from. Maybe this is why beginners automatically gravitate to power, often sacrificing technique and speed in the pursuit … Read more

How to Punch Harder – 12 Tips for Knockout Power

How to Punch Harder - 12 Tips for Knockout Power

Knockouts are the holy grail of boxing. Fans LOVE ‘EM. A punch that connects with venomous and deadly accuracy has crowds gasping in shock and awe, and then erupting as the unfortunate sod hits the deck. We dream of one-punch victories and there’s a part of us that believes we’ve got the firepower to end … Read more

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