Warrior Punch Podcast #3: Axe-Fighting in a Phonebooth

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Episode 3 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE!

In today’s episode, we highlight 4 elemental axe-fighting principles that can be applied to boxing to help you land more punches, save energy, and create angles on the inside.

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Here’s last week’s episode on boxing rhythm for those who missed it.

WPP#3: Axe-Fighting in a Phonebooth

Film Study Clips:

1. “James Toney Attack Angles”

Like any good axe-fighter, Toney varies attack angles to make the most of his defensive offense.

2. “Hooking” Offense and Turns from Toney and Mayweather

Whether you’re trying to set up short offense or pivot inside, axe-fighting “hooking” techniques can help.

3. Kenny Weldon’s “Hooking” Pivot Technique

Note the similarities between Weldon’s “turning” and the axe-fighters’ “hooking.”

4. Lomachenko’s “Prying” Technique (Axe ‘hooking’ variation)

Many of the topics discussed in today’s boxing technique podcast are covered in greater detail elsewhere on-site. Please check the following resources for more information on:

Don’t forget to check out the excellent resources and training systems referenced in today’s show:

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Brandon Macrae

Bran has been a student, coach and competitor in the boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing community for more than 15 years. In that time, he's trained at top fight gyms across the country and been lit up by Canadian boxing and MMA legends. Bran also hosts the Warrior Punch Podcast.

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