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Warrior Punch Podcast #4: 10 Ways to Throw the Jab

​In today’s extra-long episode, we ​spotlight 10 types of jabs that you can use to set up power shots, inflict damage, and score safely. 

WPP#4 features Paulie Malignaggi, Jeff Mayweather, Mike Ruiz, Lamont Peterson, Freddie Roach, and Errol Spence Jr.

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And here’s last week’s episode on inside fighting techniques for those who missed it.

WPP#4: ​10 Ways to Throw the Jab

​Film Study Clips:​​​​​​

​1. ​Real Estate Jab:

2. Pace Control / Timing Control Jab:

​3. Freezing Jab:

​4. Ruler Jab:

​5. Glove Jab:

6a. Harpoon Jab (glove pinning):

​6b. Harpoon Jab (inside pivot):

​6c. Harpoon Jab (outside pivot):

7. Pump-Action Jab​:

8. Spear Jab:

Many of the topics discussed in today’s boxing technique podcast are covered in greater detail elsewhere on-site. Please check the following resources for more information on:

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Don’t forget to check out the excellent resources and training systems referenced in today’s show:

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