Warrior Punch Podcast #1: ‘Beating the Blade’ for Better Feinting

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Episode 1 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE

We are thrilled to present our new boxing technique podcast!

Today's episode explores the theory of feinting with Miguel Cotto, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, and fencing Maestro Charles Selberg.

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WPP#1: 'Beating the Blade' for Better Feinting

Film Study Clips: Canelo 'Beats the Blade' vs. Cotto

CLIP 1 (ABOVE): Canelo "beats the blade" against Cotto, attacking the right elbow from two different angles to establish the threat.

CLIP 2 (ABOVE): Having shown Cotto his power in the previous clip, Canelo tries out his new feint options. Canelo has successfully "taught" Cotto to be reactive to his body jab feint.

CLIP 3 + 4 (ABOVE & BELOW): Canelo gets Cotto to bite on a small feint and makes him pay.

Liner Notes: 

Many of the topics discussed in today's boxing technique podcast are covered in greater detail elsewhere on-site. Please check the following resources for more information on:

Some great MMA podcasts were mentioned on our debut boxing technique podcast, including (in no particular order):

Though unrelated to MMA, the incredible "Writing Excuses" podcast we mentioned is also worth a look for any writers out there.

Special thanks to Homage for the intro music titled "Vices."


  1. […] Establish real threats. Feints work better if you’ve already landed the punch you’re pretending to throw. So treat every landed punch like a new feinting option you can use. For example, if you rock your opponent with a left hook, they’re going to be very reactive to a left hook feint. ​This is what Floyd Sr. ​means when he says to start showing the right hand (aka feinting it) only after you’ve landed it. ​​​But you don't have to land punches to establish real threats. As Charles Selberg says, even if you don’t connect, you ​can show your opponent that you’re crazy enough to try. That way, they’ll feel your power even if they block, which ​teaches them to ​take your feints seriously. If you want to learn more, this topic was covered extensively on Episode #1 of the Warrior Punch Podcast: “Beating the Blade” for Better Feints. […]

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