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5 Super Effective Boxing Tips for Beginners

Check out 5 of the best boxing tips for beginners.

Learning how to box can be intimidating. Knowing that you’re willingly signing up to be punched can make you anxious. Then there’s the elite level of fitness that’s required which is especially daunting if you’re out of shape. And to top it off, there’s a lot to learn! We’ve all been there at one point and know … Read more

Demystifying Boxing Classes for Women

Boxing classes for women aren't for the faint hearted

You see a boxer in the ring with headgear on, laying down a beating on their partner. You feel sorry for the poor guy, as from the look on his face, he’s in obvious discomfort. When the bell rings, the headgear comes off revealing long hair tugged back in a ponytail. Under the gloves, are … Read more

10 Cheap Pieces of Home Gym Equipment to Get Fighting Fit

10 pieces of home gym to achieve a boxers body

Getting into boxing? If you want to give yourself the best chance of going the distance, you need to get physically fit. And the best way to get fit outside of your boxing sessions is with a fantastic home gym. You might equate the words “home gym” with a huge financial investment, but a lot of … Read more

Boxing Training Tips: Learn Floyd Mayweather’s Offensive Defense

Today’s breakdown looks at Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto. Labelled “High Stakes,” the September 12th, 2015 match-up turned out to be another routine Mayweather dismantling. But it was instructive, as Floyd fights tend to be. Today’s masterclass is about head movement. Let’s look at the way Floyd blended offense and defense that night to hit and not get hit: That’s … Read more

What is the Best Heavy Bag?

What is the best heavy bag?

The heavy bag is fundamental to a boxer’s skill development. It provides a tough, stamina-building workout while also allowing you to hone your punching technique and practice combinations. That being said, training on a punching bag can’t beat face-to-face training or sparring for skill development. Nothing can. But it will keep you sharp and fighting … Read more

The Fighter Within

The Fighter Within

I walked to the hospital reception desk with blood dripping down my face. The deep gash over my eye was no accident. The receptionist looked at me and asked me what happened. Calmly, I responded, “I got punched in the face.” She looked shocked, and asked, “Would you like me to call the police?” I … Read more

Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

So, you’ve decided to take up pugilism? Lucky for you boxing is fairly inexpensive to get started. However, you’re not going to get far without a good pair of boxing gloves. You may or may not be aware that different gloves are used for the various training activities: bag work, sparring, fighting. And with each … Read more

How to Get Better at Boxing in 6 Months

How to Get Good at Boxing in 6 Months

The first few weeks of your boxing journey can feel pretty discouraging. You’re constantly out of breath, every step feels strange, and your lead hand has all the concussive power of a cotton ball blowing in the breeze. It sucks, especially when there are 11 and 12-year-old amateurs dancing circles around you every day. If … Read more

How to Spar: 35 Boxing Sparring Tips and Techniques to Win Matches

Uncover 34 boxing sparring tips

Sparring is essential if you want to become a complete fighter. It is hands-down the best training method to improve your boxing, and I recommend that all boxers (not only aspiring fighters) spar regularly to keep their skills sharp. However, to a newbie, sparring can be very intimidating. Watch two guys slug it out who … Read more

How to Counter the Jab: 8 Techniques for Better Boxing Defense

In boxing, the jab is considered the most important punch. They say if you can’t establish the jab, you won’t land anything else. That adage says a lot about boxing defense, too: if you can shut down your opponent’s jab, you effectively shut down their offense (or at least reduce it to low-percentage Hail-Mary hay-makers thrown from too … Read more

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