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Master Boxing – Jab

When and how to use the jab

When most people think about ways to destroy an opponent, they think of killer hooks, powerful uppercuts, and a solid cross. But as you wind up to put power in these punches, they can be easy to see coming, and you need something to distract and set up the haymaker. Enter The Jab. If you … Read more

Boxing Film Study for Beginners

Boxing film study

“Film study” is more than just a fancy term for watching fights. When done right, boxing film study is one of the best tools you can use to pick up new techniques, develop training drills, and increase your fight IQ. As an exercise, it’s useful for anyone with an interest in boxing, and essential for those without regular access to a … Read more

What is Ring Generalship? Horn/Pacquiao Case Study

ring generalship in boxing

If you’ve been around boxing long enough, you’ve probably heard the term “ring generalship” thrown around by fans, commentators, or even your boxing trainer. But what does it mean? And, more importantly, how does ring generalship make you a better fighter?Using a case study of Jeff Horn‘s controversial win over Manny Pacquiao, we nail down a definition and … Read more

19-Minute Boxing Conditioning Workout – No Gear, Home-Based

Enjoy today’s 19-minute boxing conditioning workout! Scroll down for drill and exercise demonstrations.  19-Minute Boxing Conditioning Workout Warm-up – 3×3-minute footwork drills (3-minutes work, 45-seconds rest) as follows: Round 1: Figure-8s Round 2: Lateral Weldon shuffle Round 3: Locche loops 10-minute challenge – record total score: Squats (1 point) Push-ups (2 points) Burpees (3 points) Cool-down … Read more

Is the “Canelo Alvarez Conditioning Problem” Real?

​After fading in the championship rounds of his duel with Gennady Golovkin, ​Saul “Canelo” Alvarez was accused of having a conditioning problem. ​ And judging by Saul’s latest training videos, ​which features altitude mask training of questionable validity, he may be buying into it himself:  Why is an elite athlete fading? And why is GGG, … Read more

How to Feint in Boxing: 12 Key Concepts and Drills

In my opinion, the fastest way to learn how to feint in boxing is to study as many different sources as you can, even if you have a great trainer. Why?Because studying different teaching perspectives broadens your understanding and eliminates blind spots in your technique. You’ll get a glimpse of the different styles and tactics … Read more

How to Increase Punching Power: Boxing ‘Brakes’ + More

Once you’ve built a solid base with our beginner weight training program, you’re ready to focus on building some sport-specific qualities that are known to increase punching power. Today’s post is all about how to increase punching power in the weight room by focusing on two underappreciated forms of strength: grip and deceleration. Read on … Read more

Boxing Head Movement: 6 Key Concepts and Drills

Everyone wants boxing head movement like Pernell Whitaker and El Intocable, but training up to that level isn’t easy. You’ll need guts to try new techniques in sparring for the first time, and proper coaching long before then. In my opinion, the fastest way to improve your head movement is to study as many different sources … Read more

Boxing Training Workout for Speed: 5 Explosive Training Tips

Boxing Training Workout for Speed

In boxing, they say that “speed kills,” which is why most beginners would kill for some speed. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck: today’s post is all about improving hand speed. Read on to 5 learn mental and physical training tips to help boxers of all levels get faster on fight night! The … Read more

Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow boxing is one of the most useful modalities in a fighter’s training arsenal, but it’s not particularly beginner-friendly. From a newbie’s perspective, shadow boxing looks silly: a bunch of herky-jerk head movements, hissing breaths, and half-punches without any rhyme or reason. How is that supposed to help me knock people out? And yet, strange … Read more

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