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Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Hitting the speed bag can improve hand speed, coordination, muscular endurance, and boxing ability, but only if you’re doing it right. After spending more than half my life in boxing gyms, I’ve seen my share of speed bag training fails; everything from hitting with boxing gloves to skinning bare knuckles on the swivel. I’ve even … Read more

How to Punch Properly

How To Punch Properly

In one of my striking classes, I was paired up with the new guy. He was a 250 pound bodybuilder – a man mountain of epic proportions. With me weighing in at about 145, it looked like quite the mismatch. I held pads for him while he wound up for his first combination, and…NOTHING. There … Read more

History of Boxing

The History of Boxing

    Fighting is a natural instinct. It’s part of being human. We’ve fought, in one way or another, since the dawn of time. No one knows for sure when it was discovered that a fist was an effective weapon for clobbering your fellow man. However, the ancient Greeks can lay claim to being the … Read more

How to Parry Punches: 10 Tips for Better Boxing Defense

Knowing how to parry punches will help you in any combat scenario, whether that’s dojo kumite or Vegas Money fight. If you had to rank the value of different techniques, parrying would be way up on boxing’s defensive hierarchy. Parrying offers more protection, hand control, and counter punching options than blocking or slipping, and being on the “receiving … Read more

How to Block Punches Like a Pro

Learning how to block punches early in your boxing, muay thai, or MMA training is critical. Having a reliable and energy-efficient guard to fall back on makes sparring a lot less stressful for beginners, which speeds up the entire learning process. It’s generally understood that the sooner you develop your guard and learn how to … Read more

Cloak and Dagger: How to Land More Punches in Boxing and MMA

Today we’re going to teach you how to land more punches using a time-honoured fight strategy that applies to any martial art. The best techniques are universal, meaning they’ll work equally well in the cage, ring, or piste, so we’ve combined MMA film study and fencing philosophy to highlight a boxing technique we like to … Read more

8 Scientific Benefits of Yoga for Boxing

benefits of yoga for boxing

Yoga is a peaceful practice that cultivates health and well-being through challenging postures, movements, and breathing exercises. But did you know yoga can make you a better boxer? In today’s post, the sweet science meets sports science. Join us as we review 8 empirically proven benefits of yoga for boxing, and see whether this practice is right … Read more

Street Fighting VS Competitive Fighting

The Shy Guy's Guide to Street Fighting

Many people take up boxing as they want to learn self-defence. While it’s a good reason to learn combat skills, and while I believe a trained martial artist will come out on top in a street fight against the average guy, let’s get clear on one thing: Street fighting is NOT competitive fighting. It’s an … Read more

10 Ab Workouts for a Rock-Solid Core

Ab Workouts for Boxers

Sit ups are a different kind of pain. Unlike the bench press or squats, where there’s a satisfying feeling of pure strength and a display of manliness to accompany the torture, ab workouts are just plain uncomfortable. In fact, let’s just say it; abdominal exercises SUCK! As much as I love to train, I’m not … Read more

What to Expect From Beginner Boxing Classes

Boxing Class in Action

What comes to mind when you think about a boxing gym? Dingy basements and backstreet warehouses? The stench of sweat? Guys knocking lumps out of each other? Spilt blood? Missing teeth? While some of your perceptions may be true – boxing gyms are more often than not located in the worst parts of town and … Read more

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