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Boxing Styles – Which Are You?

Which of the 4 boxing styles are you?

At its core, boxing is nothing more than a collection of attacking and defensive techniques primarily performed by the arms. We can all learn the techniques, and drill them to the point we can execute them perfectly. Yet, some fighters possess a special something that makes them mesmerizing to watch. They’re throwing and defending from … Read more

How to Improve Reflexes for Boxing Defense

Improve reflexes for boxing defense

It’s not all about power. Yet, for many newbie boxers, brute strength, and how hard they can smash the bag, is their primary concern. Under their coach’s guidance, they learn that power comes from sound technique, so they slow it down and concentrate on mastery of the movements. They want to look good throwing combos, … Read more

Speed vs Power: 4 Reasons Why Speed Wins Every Time

speed vs power in boxing

Fans love to watch heavyweights go at it. Their sheer power and the possibility and thrill of a knockout keep eyeballs glued to bouts between the big guns. Maybe this is where our fascination with power stems from. Maybe this is why beginners automatically gravitate to power, often sacrificing technique and speed in the pursuit … Read more

How to Punch Harder – 12 Tips for Knockout Power

How to Punch Harder - 12 Tips for Knockout Power

Knockouts are the holy grail of boxing. Fans LOVE ‘EM. A punch that connects with venomous and deadly accuracy has crowds gasping in shock and awe, and then erupting as the unfortunate sod hits the deck. We dream of one-punch victories and there’s a part of us that believes we’ve got the firepower to end … Read more

How To Crush Your Training (Even If You’re Feeling Unmotivated)

Boxing motivation to crush your training

How To Crush Your Training (Even If You’re Feeling Unmotivated) It’s time to train but for some reason, you keep putting it off. You’re ready to go, but the excuses start to roll in. “You’re tired today…rest up.” “It’s too cold outside.” “You trained hard last week, you need some recovery.” “Do you really feel … Read more

Boxing For Kids – Is It Safe?

Is boxing for kids safe?

When Junior bundles up to you with this much excitement, you know it’s an important announcement. “Dad, I want to start boxing!” Your eyes well up with tears, and a lump gathers in your throat as you struggle for words to express the pride you feel. At the tender age of nine, Junior would follow … Read more

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