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Southpaw vs. Orthodox: Which Stance is Best For You?

boxing stance: southpaw vs orthodox

The art of striking in martial sports revolves around the fighter’s stance, a crucial aspect influencing their performance in the ring. In boxing, two primary stances—Orthodox and Southpaw—are distinguished by which foot and hand lead the fighter’s position. Understanding the nuances between the Southpaw and Orthodox stances, choosing the right one, and knowing how to … Read more

How to Counter the Jab: 8 Techniques for Better Boxing Defense

In boxing, the jab is considered the most important punch. They say if you can’t establish the jab, you won’t land anything else. That adage says a lot about boxing defense, too: if you can shut down your opponent’s jab, you effectively shut down their offense (or at least reduce it to low-percentage Hail-Mary hay-makers thrown from too … Read more

Advanced Boxing Tactics: Why Do Pros “Aim to Miss”?

A lot of boxing tactics are counter-intuitive; keeping our eyes open under fire, leading with our non-dominant hand, and tucking the chin are just a few examples of the unnatural adjustments that beginners have to wrap their heads around. Likewise, beginners often resist the idea of intentionally missing or pulling punches in a sport where … Read more

4 Tips for Stone-Cold Calmness in the Ring

4 Tips for Stone-Cold Calmness in the Ring. Learn How to Relax in Boxing.

Fear and boxing go together like a jab and a cross. Training and competing in the sport brings forth a lot of scary “firsts” – pushing yourself to new places physically, hitting and getting hit, and performing in front of huge crowds. Boxing’s scary side makes it a very effective vehicle for human development, but … Read more

How to Block Punches Like a Pro

Learning how to block punches early in your boxing, muay thai, or MMA training is critical. Having a reliable and energy-efficient guard to fall back on makes sparring a lot less stressful for beginners, which speeds up the entire learning process. It’s generally understood that the sooner you develop your guard and learn how to … Read more

Cloak and Dagger: How to Land More Punches in Boxing and MMA

Today we’re going to teach you how to land more punches using a time-honoured fight strategy that applies to any martial art. The best techniques are universal, meaning they’ll work equally well in the cage, ring, or piste, so we’ve combined MMA film study and fencing philosophy to highlight a boxing technique we like to … Read more

Street Fighting VS Competitive Fighting

The Shy Guy's Guide to Street Fighting

Many people take up boxing as they want to learn self-defence. While it’s a good reason to learn combat skills, and while I believe a trained martial artist will come out on top in a street fight against the average guy, let’s get clear on one thing: Street fighting is NOT competitive fighting. It’s an … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #3: Axe-Fighting in a Phonebooth

Warrior Punch Logo

Episode 3 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE! In today’s episode, we highlight 4 elemental axe-fighting principles that can be applied to boxing to help you land more punches, save energy, and create angles on the inside. If you liked the show, be sure to follow us on Stitcher. And look out for the … Read more

Warrior Punch Podcast #1: ‘Beating the Blade’ for Better Feinting

Warrior Punch Logo

Episode 1 of the Warrior Punch Podcast is LIVE We are thrilled to bring you our new boxing technique podcast! Today’s episode explores the theory of feinting with Miguel Cotto, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and fencing Maestro Charles Selberg. Learn a bit about our show and enjoy 20 minutes of fat-free technique talk. WPP#1: ‘Beating the … Read more

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