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The Fighter Within

The Fighter Within

I walked to the hospital reception desk with blood dripping down my face. The deep gash over my eye was no accident. The receptionist looked at me and asked me what happened. Calmly, I responded, “I got punched in the face.” She looked shocked, and asked, “Would you like me to call the police?” I … Read more

How to Get Better at Boxing in 6 Months

How to Get Good at Boxing in 6 Months

The first few weeks of your boxing journey can feel pretty discouraging. You’re constantly out of breath, every step feels strange, and your lead hand has all the concussive power of a cotton ball blowing in the breeze. It sucks, especially when there are 11 and 12-year-old amateurs dancing circles around you every day. If … Read more

How to Spar: 35 Boxing Sparring Tips and Techniques to Win Matches

Uncover 34 boxing sparring tips

Sparring is essential if you want to become a complete fighter. It is hands-down the best training method to improve your boxing, and I recommend that all boxers (not only aspiring fighters) spar regularly to keep their skills sharp. However, to a newbie, sparring can be very intimidating. Watch two guys slug it out who … Read more

How to Counter the Jab: 8 Techniques for Better Boxing Defense

In boxing, the jab is considered the most important punch. They say if you can’t establish the jab, you won’t land anything else. That adage says a lot about boxing defense, too: if you can shut down your opponent’s jab, you effectively shut down their offense (or at least reduce it to low-percentage Hail-Mary hay-makers thrown from too … Read more

45-Minute Shadow Boxing Workout Drills & Routine

Today’s shadow boxing workout consists of 13 x 3-minute rounds of skill development with 45-second rest intervals. It requires no partner or equipment and can be completed at your home or anywhere in under 45 minutes. These shadow boxing drills are designed to improve boxing-specific footwork, head movement, and combination punching skills. But they also … Read more

7 Awesome Advantages of Boxing for Fitness

7 Advantages of Boxing For Fitness

You don’t have to be a glutton for punishment to slip on a pair of boxing gloves. Plenty of people learn boxing for one reason and one reason only – the health benefits of boxing. Boxing for fitness is a very popular way to get fit fast, and the results don’t disappoint. If you need … Read more

How To Find A Good Boxing Gym

Good boxing gyms come in all manner of styles

The gym is my sanctuary, and my teammates are my family. My boxing gym is my home-away-from-home, and I’m lucky to have found the perfect match. Finding the right boxing gym is no easy task. There are many factors to consider when you look for a new gym, and the task can quickly become overwhelming. … Read more

Boxing Roadwork Program for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Roadwork for boxing

If you’re not doing roadwork, you’re not really training for boxing.  The Marquess of Queensberry rules might outlaw running inside the ring, but it’s one of the best ways to prepare your mind and body for a bout. Elite fighters have used roadwork for boxing conditioning since the early days. Done right, it can take your recovery, punch output, and … Read more

Guide to Boxing Combos for Beginners

Killer uppercut bursts nose

You throw dozens of punch combinations in a training session. Some work perfectly, and the sequence is smooth from beginning to end. Others feel awkward, unnatural even, and disrupt the body’s natural mechanics. So, what makes for a sleek combination? Power? Speed? Elegant movement? All of the above? Why do some combinations flow like water … Read more

Advanced Boxing Tactics: Why Do Pros “Aim to Miss”?

A lot of boxing tactics are counter-intuitive; keeping our eyes open under fire, leading with our non-dominant hand, and tucking the chin are just a few examples of the unnatural adjustments that beginners have to wrap their heads around. Likewise, beginners often resist the idea of intentionally missing or pulling punches in a sport where … Read more

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