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Boxing Punches

Learn the 4 basic boxing punches

Can you throw a punch? I mean a real punch. If some punk started a fight with you on the street, could you throw a punch with enough power and accuracy to turn the lights off for that soon-to-be-sorry-punk-bitch? I’m talking about a real man’s punch. Not a feeble, half-hearted slap, or running at your attacker … Read more

Boxing Footwork

Boxing footwork is as important as punching

Boxing is all about the hands, right? It’s impossible to win a boxing match without throwing punches, and being a combat sport focused on attacking and defending with the arms, the hands get all the attention. It’s not until you delve deeper into the sport do you realize the importance that footwork plays in the overall game. … Read more

Boxing Stance

Orthodox Boxing Stance

A boxer’s stance is the foundation upon which everything is built. It’s critical that you get it right from the get-go for fast and powerful offense, and effective defense. In time, you will develop your own boxing stance and style that will reflect what kind of fighter you are – technical, counter puncher, brawler. Your … Read more

Boxing Basics – Beginner Questions Answered

Boxing Basics - All your beginner questions answered

This post is for the newbies. It’s a Q&A on boxing for beginners and is intended for anyone that’s just started boxing or is thinking of getting into it. So, whether you’ve never thrown a punch before, or you’re an old hand in the fight scene, stick around, you might just learn a thing or two. … Read more

Boxing For Kids – Is It Safe?

Is boxing for kids safe?

When Junior bundles up to you with this much excitement, you know it’s an important announcement. “Dad, I want to start boxing!” Your eyes well up with tears, and a lump gathers in your throat as you struggle for words to express the pride you feel. At the tender age of nine, Junior would follow … Read more

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