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link to Boxing Rules

Boxing Rules

Once you’ve got some basic boxing skills under your belt, it’s time to learn the rules of the game. This may seem unimportant, but I’d advise you to listen up because… You never want to be...

link to Boxing Defense

Boxing Defense

Nobody likes getting punched. While boxing is fun, getting punched is not fun or pleasurable in any way. Unless you’re a masochist, in which case you’ll need to strap up with an extra tight...

link to Boxing Punches

Boxing Punches

Can you throw a punch? I mean a real punch. If some punk started a fight with you on the street, could you throw a punch with enough power and accuracy to turn the lights off for that...

link to Boxing Footwork

Boxing Footwork

Boxing is all about the hands, right? It’s impossible to win a boxing match without throwing punches, and being a combat sport focused on attacking and defending with the arms, the hands...

link to Boxing Stance

Boxing Stance

A boxer’s stance is the foundation upon which everything is built. It’s critical that you get it right from the get-go for fast and powerful offense, and effective defense. In time, you...

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