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10 Best Boxing Headgear for Sparring 

Boxing is a sport that requires split-second decisions, great hand-eye coordination, and explosive power.

It is also a sport that comes with its fair share of risks. One of the most serious risks associated with boxing is head injuries, which is why it is so important to wear the right headgear when sparring.

Headgear aid in keeping your nose and eye safe as well as helps you to avoid concussions or head injuries. 

Boxing has always been a strenuous sport that showcases the fighting ability of two people. Therefore, you need to choose good quality headgear even if you are still training. 

You may see them as a mere piece made of leather with paddings on them, but they are a must-wear. They provide support in the alleviation of pain that you might incur when your opponent hits you on your face or in any area of your head.

Cleto Reyes Protector Boxing Headgear II

Cleto Reyes Protector Boxing Headgear II

  • Unsurpassed fit protection and longevity
  • Rounded face guard
  • One Size Fits All
  • Pre-curved molded foam padding
  • Extra wide wrap-around hook and loop strap
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Winning Headgear Fg5000

Winning Headgear Fg5000

  • Great cushioning
  • Very comfortable and customizable/adjustable
  • Good vision
  • Easy to clean
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RDX Headgear HGR T2B

RDX Headgear HGR T2B

  • Sturdy Maya hide leather
  • Great solidity and superior performance
  • Good cushioning 
  • Eventual resistance
  • Adjustable fit
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RDX Headgear w/ Removable Face Mask

RDX Headgear w/ Removable Face Mask

  • Resistance against tapping out on performance
  • Tri-slabs of attenuating foam supporting layer
  • PVC grill for a minimal buffer against strikes
  • Foam layer support to uniformly dissipate impact
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Hayabusa T3 Boxing Headgear

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Headgear

  • Compact design for maximum protection
  • Streamlined fit with an ultra-wide field of vision
  • Adjustable chin strap and patented T-Cross closure
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Extremely durable with Vylar engineered leather
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Everlast® Durahide Headgear

Everlast® Durahide Headgear

  • Cheek protectors for optimal safety and excellent visibility
  • Adjustable chin strap for a secure fit
  • Adjustable closures, fits most adult head sizes
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Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Triple density contoured foam
  • Flexible two-way Velcro closure
  • Skintex leather construction
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Title Face Protector Training Headgear

Title Face Protector Training Headgear

  • Excellent, top professional leather outer shell
  • Super thick, layered foam padding
  • Special suede inner liner
  • Padded, molded face bar
  • Fully adjustable lace-tie top, leather chin strap and hook-and-loop rear attachment
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Title Gel World Full Face Training Headgear

Title Gel World Full Face Training Headgear

  • Gel lining and multi-layered design foam
  • Fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears and back
  • Hook-and-loop rear closure with leather and elastic top
  • All-leather build in full-face style
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Ringside Boxing Headgear

Ringside Boxing Headgear

  • Sleek contoured design and curved cheek protections
  • Durable leather construction 
  • Laminated foam system to disperse impact
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Qualities of a Good Headgear

When you are sparring, you are essentially engaging in a controlled fight with another boxer. The goal of sparring is to practice your techniques and improve your boxing skills.

However, because you are still throwing punches at full force, there is always a risk of sustaining a head injury. That is why it is so important to wear headgear that can protect you from serious injury.

There are certain characteristics that you need to look for when choosing the right headgear for boxing:

Safety Provision

A headgear’s primary purpose is to protect your head during training or fights. Pay attention to the materials used in a headgear.

Choose the one with ample support features to ensure your head’s safety. Good headgear has cushioning and external components that are resilient or shock absorbers. 

A good headgear will help absorb some of the impact and protect your brain from any serious damage.


A headgear should have good ventilation, especially since boxing requires concentration. If you can’t breathe well, you are likely to lose your focus when you are sparring. 

Ample view

Having good visibility helps in landing hits when boxing. You won’t be able to do well if you are restricted in your movements because you can’t see. Find a headgear that can protect your head but also give you an obstructed view of your opponent and surrounding. 

By being able to see your opponent’s punches coming, you’ll be able to react more quickly and counter them more effectively. This will ultimately make you a better boxer.

Well-Fitted and Comfortable

It is necessary to ensure that your headgear fits you well so it won’t fall off when you get hit. Apart from fitting, you need to make sure that it is not too tight and has good cushioning, so you’ll feel comfortable.


Get a quality headgear that’ll last you long. It should be able to withstand hits from your sparring opponent without much wear and tear. 

Best Boxing Headgear for Sparring

There are a variety of different types of headgear and it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one.

When selecting headgear, it is important to choose a product that offers good padding around the forehead and temples, as well as around the back of the head. The headgear should also have a wide field of view so that you can see your opponent clearly and react quickly to their punches.

Here are the ten best headgear you can find and improve your sparring game:

1. Ringside Cleto Reyes Protective Headgear 2 

Reyes makes premium training headgear that is perfect for beginners and professionals! It is made with genuine cowhide leather and has a perfect fit.

Handcrafted in Mexico, you can expect its good quality due to the amount of work put into its production. Because the headgear has a rounded face guard, you have ample head protection, and it even covers the nose and the mouth. 

A pre-curved molded foam padding which is 2.25-2.75 inches further adds to the protection. It might look a bit bulky but it does not have much weight and protects you from punches.

There is also a chin strap in buckle style as well as a hook and loop rear closure to secure the head in place. Both features make it amicable for usage in kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai. You can get it in either black or white variations.


  • Chin strap
  • Rear closure
  • One size fits all
  • Rounded face guard
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Has molded foam padding 


  • Looks bulky
  • Limited color variations 

2. Winning Headgear Fg5000

This headgear is considered lightweight compared to other available gear on the market. You can get it in medium (21.0-23.0 inches) and large sizes (22.5-24.5 inches).

A downside though that could affect a boxer is the laces at the top of the gear. They may hold your head steadily, but you can also experience blocked vision when they get loose. 

In terms of coverage, you get maximum protection for your face.  There is an opening in your eye area for your vision, but you’ll have less room for ventilation. Apart from such characteristics, you a get a good amount of cushioning for added support.


  • Lightweight 
  • Good cushioning
  • Ample Face Coverage 
  • Available in medium to large sizes


  • It may cause lesser ventilation
  • Laces can hinder vision or loosen

3. RDX Headgear HGR T2B

One of the versatile headgears you can get is from RDX. This piece is made to protect your head whether you are doing Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, or other combat sports.

It has good protection features such as Tri-slabs foam that will shield you well against impact. There’s also an Eva cushioning, SpongeX, and DenZo Tron Sheets. 

You can secure your head with ease using its EZ hook and loop chin strap. The face bar of the piece protects your nose from damage, but it can affect breathing due to its positioning.

As for the build, the body is made of Maya hide leather which is known to be durable. There are laces at the top of the headgear but they can obstruct your view if they get loose during a fight.


  • Durable
  • Versatile use
  • Tri-slabs foam
  • Good face coverage
  • EZ hook and loop chin strap


  • Face bar affects breathing 
  • Top laces that can hinder your view

4. RDX Headgear w/ Removable Face Mask

Unlike other headgears, this style is made similar to a face mask. There is a removable PVC grill that protects your face even though the initial base doesn’t cover it much. However, this gear may be uncomfortable for some who don’t want full-face coverage.

You’ll also benefit from the EZ hook and loop chin strap to easily secure the headgear in place. While the Tri Slab Foam helps resist impact. The top also has EVA padding.

Noticeably, even though the headgear stretches all over the face, the back head only has half coverage. This made the gear non-ideal when you fall on your back.

Another good feature is that its material is made of Maya Hide Leather that lasts long. You can get it in black, blue , red and pink colors. The sizing comes in small, medium, large, and extra large.


  • EVA padding
  • Tri Slab Foam
  • Different sizes
  • Maya Hide Leather
  • Removable PVC grill
  • Full-face coverage
  • EZ hook and loop chin strap


  • Half coverage of head’s back
  • PVC grill can be uncomfortable for some people

5. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Headgear

For someone in need of headgear that can custom fit, this piece from Hayabusa is a good choice. It has an adjustable chin strap as well as T-cross closure for a snug fit.

There are also mesh ear covers, and the top has an opening to ensure good ventilation. Mesh also has a tendency to get wet easily from sweat. 

The ultimate feature of the gear is its sleek design that offers a wide field of view.  On the side, there’s cheek protection which you can rely on as support against impact. 

You also get ultra-soft linings for comfort. There are solid double straps on its back for added security and it weighs lightly.

In terms of durability, the headgear has Vylar engineered leather. It’s a material that is famous for being resistant when it comes to high-performance training.

Aesthetically, the design is traditional. You can also choose between three colors such as black, black and gold, and white.


  • Wide view
  • Chin strap
  • Breathable
  • Soft linings
  • Lightweight
  • Double straps
  • T-cross closure
  • Vylar engineered leather


  • Mesh gets wet easily
  • The traditional design may not be suited for anyone looking for a modern aesthetic

6. Everlast Everfresh

This gear will enable you to have a wide vision. It has a straightforward design that provides ample head coverage with a big open space on the face area where there are cheek protectors.

Not only is it one size fits all but it also has an adjustable chin strap and back closure for security. There were also Velcro fasteners and Zip-lok Velcro closures to ensure the headgear’s stable positioning. 

Meanwhile, this gear was designed to absorb shocks from hits. It is made of durable durahide. When it comes to variant, you can only get the black color.


  • Back closure
  • Durable durahide
  • Wide vision
  • Shock absorber
  • Adjustable chin strap 


  • Only one variation
  • Big open space on the face area

 7. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

When can it comes to being ultra-lightweight, the Venum Challenger 2.0 is one to consider. It is mainly made up of Skintex leather which allows ample head mobility.

As for protection, Venum put emphasis on the head’s sensitive areas such as the chin, temples, and cheeks. It has a triple density contoured foam that enables shock absorption.

Meanwhile, the design helps provide a 180-degree vision to the boxer. The headgear can also fit all adult head sizes which can pose a problem to someone if it’s stretched out after usage by a person with bigger head.

On its top, you’ll find two-way Velcro closure that can be flexed. Beware though as it has the tendency to lose its stickiness over repetitive use. 


  • Skintex leather 
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Shock absorption
  • Triple density contoured foam 


  • Velcro can lose stickiness
  • Sizing has the tendency to be overly stretched out

8. Title Face Protector

This headgear has a professional leather outer shell and a special leather inner liner. You can comfortably wear it for an extended period of time due to its thick padding. 

Because there is a face bar, you have extra protection on your face. However, due to its blockage, it may hinder air circulation. 

Apart from that, you can adjust the fitting due to the laces on the top of the headgear. You need to make sure that you’ve knotted them thoroughly though to avoid the laces being loosened which could either hinder view or cause the headgear to slip off your head.


  • Comfortable
  • Face protection
  • Leather materials
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Thick foam padding


  • Face bar may hinder airflow
  • Laces can become a hassle if not knotted securely

9. Title Gel World

To securely hold the head in place, this headgear was made with gel lining and multi-layered sleek design foam. It has padding on the cheeks, forehead, ears, and head’ back. 

The design was made for an easy-wear experience. You can adjust the gear as needed.  Wherein the leather and elastic top provide a good custom fit. There’s also a hook-and-loop rear closure for security.

However, even though it also provides chin protection, you’ll see that the headgear doesn’t cover much of the face. In terms of color variations, you can only choose between black or red.


  • Gel lining
  • East wear
  • Breathable
  • Custom-fit
  • Hook-and-loop rear closure
  • Multi-layered sleek design foam


  • Limited variations 
  • Doesn’t fully cover the face

10. Ringside Competition

This headgear is built for training with its durable leather material. It is long-lasting and has a laminated foam system which alleviates impact. 

As for the design, it is sleek and contoured. You’ll have cheek protection. However, because you get a wider field view, there is also a wide opening on the face area so precautions should still be taken.

Although it is yet to be approved for USA Boxing Competition use, it is hailed as a top-rated piece for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Thus, this headgear fit well with the needs of people in training. 


  • Durable leather material
  • Laminated foam system 
  • Good training headgear
  • Can be used for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing


  • Wide face opening
  • Not yet approved for USA Boxing Competition

Final Thoughts

A good headgear should provide protection from serious injuries, help you improve your techniques, and make you feel more confident in the ring.

When choosing headgear for sparring, comfort, breathability, and protection should be your top priorities. Look for headgear with thick padding, mesh panels or perforations, and large cheek guards and ear pads. With so many different options on the market, there’s no excuse for not being properly protected when you’re in the ring.

Train safe and train smart!

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