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Brandon Macrae

Bran has been a student, coach and competitor in the boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing community for more than 15 years. In that time, he's trained at top fight gyms across the country and been lit up by Canadian boxing and MMA legends. Bran also hosts the Warrior Punch Podcast.

Boxing Training Tips: Learn Floyd Mayweather’s Offensive Defense

Today's breakdown looks at Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto. Labelled "High Stakes," the September 12th, 2015 match-up turned out to be another routine Mayweather dismantling. But it was instructive,...
Boxing Training Workout for Speed

Boxing Training Workout for Speed: 5 Explosive Training Tips

In boxing, they say that “speed kills,” which is why most beginners would kill for some speed. If you’re one of them, you’re in...
Better Boxing Workouts at Home

Better Boxing Workouts at Home: Home-Gym Hacks for Beginners

Sneaking in boxing workouts at home is one of the best ways for beginners to speed up their skill development, get into fighting shape,...
Boxing Equipment

Boxing Mitt Drills for Beginners

Focus mitt training is one of the best ways to develop punching technique, defense, fight strategies, and sport-specific conditioning. But it’s not just for...
Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Mastering the Speed Bag: Benefits, Training Tips, and Recommendations

Hitting the speed bag can improve hand speed, coordination, muscular endurance, and boxing ability, but only if you're doing it right. After spending more than...
Best Speed Bag for Beginners

Best Speed Bag for Beginners

Speed bag training is a boxing staple that is gaining attention in the general fitness world because of its unique ability to improve coordination,...
8 Tips to Master the Boxing Cross Punch

Master Boxing – Cross

Today, we break down boxing’s meat-and-potatoes power punch.Throwing a punch in a straight line to your opponent’s chin with your dominant hand sounds like...
Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow Boxing for Beginners

Shadow boxing is one of the most useful modalities in a fighter’s training arsenal, but it’s not particularly beginner-friendly. From a newbie’s perspective, shadow...

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