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Danielle Gallagher is an amateur MMA fighter and lives to train. She has several years of experience in Muay Thai and grappling, but has always been a fan of combat sports. With experience as a personal trainer and kids MMA instructor, she enjoys sharing her knowledge about the sport through her writing.
Check out 5 of the best boxing tips for beginners.

5 Super Effective Boxing Tips for Beginners

Learning how to box can be intimidating. Knowing that you're willingly signing up to be punched can make you anxious. Then there's the elite level...
Boxing classes for women aren't for the faint hearted

Demystifying Boxing Classes for Women

You see a boxer in the ring with head gear on, laying down a beating on their partner. You feel sorry for the poor...
The Fighter Within

The Fighter Within

I walked to the hospital reception desk with blood dripping down my face. The deep gash over my eye was no accident. The receptionist looked...
7 Advantages of Boxing For Fitness

7 Awesome Advantages of Boxing for Fitness

You don’t have to be a glutton for punishment to slip on a pair of boxing gloves. Plenty of people learn boxing for one...
How to clean boxing gloves

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

I had spent two weeks teaching my brother how to box, and I felt that I covered the basics pretty well. At least, that's what...
Healthy eating for boxing

Easy Boxing Training Diet (That Gets Results)

When I first started training, I ate whatever I wanted. My metabolism was faster than it had ever been, and I was burning thousands...
How To Punch Properly

How to Punch Properly

In one of my striking classes, I was paired up with the new guy. He was a 250 pound bodybuilder – a man mountain...

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