Boxing Workouts

A boxing workout should never be easy. It should leave you sweat drenched, with your lungs screaming, muscles burning, and with just enough energy to run to the nearest toilet to unload the mouthful of sick in your mouth.

If this isn’t happening, then you’re not training hard enough!

What, even when you’re fighting fit?

YES! Even if you’re one month out from your fight, your workouts should still be extremely challenging and leave you wondering why the hell you didn’t pick chess as a hobby.

No matter how fit you are, a boxing workout will destroy you, and make you whimper like a cowardly dog.

Fitness in boxing is like the carrot that’s dangled in front of the donkeys face. It’s a desirable goal that’s just enough within reach to keep striving for it, but every time you do, it moves further ahead.

Yes, you do get fitter, but your training sessions get harder to compensate.

So, know you know the intensity to set, here are three beginner friendly workouts that can be scaled up or down depending on your level of fitness.

These are workouts that I have done or still do, and that have gotten fantastic results.

There’s a beginner boxing workout and two strength workouts, one of which can be done at home, and the other requiring specialized gym equipment.

15 Rounder (Beginner Boxing Workout)

While I believe there’s no substitute for attending a boxing gym, this workout will rival the punishment you’ll receive.

When it’s reached round seven and you’re thinking nothing but hateful, vengeful thoughts towards me, remember, boxing workouts aren’t all fun and games.

What you’ll need: round timer, skipping rope, boxing gloves, and a punch bag or focus mitts.

This is an intense workout and you may need to build up to completing the whole thing.

If you’re a beginner boxer, cut it down to 10 rounds, or give yourself 60 seconds of rest between rounds. Likewise, if you’re as fit as a fiddle, increase the round duration to 3 minutes – then we’ll see how tough you are.

If you’ve got a partner that will hold pads for you, substitute the heavy bag for mitt work.

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The Gut Buster (Supreme Cardio Workout)

This cardio workout destroys flabby midriffs! If you’re looking to get into shape before joining a boxing gym, then I recommend combining this workout with running.

It’s great for developing fitness and building lean muscles mass.

It also doesn’t require any equipment, doesn’t take long, and you can do it wherever you like.

It’s my favourite workout when I don’t have time for class, or when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to train at all. After the first round of burpees, the blood starts flowing. After the third or fourth round of burpees, I’m completely in the zone and can’t remember why I didn’t want to train.

What you’ll need: Nothing, but pure willpower.

Each exercise is performed 15 reps down to 1 i.e. you should do 15 burpees, 15 squats, 15 jumping lunges, etc, and then do 14 burpees, 14 squats, 14 jumping lunges…

In total you’ll do 120 repetitions of each exercise!

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For the commando version, take a short rest, then work back up from one to fifteen.

The Powerhouse (a.k.a The A/B Strength Workout)

There are two schools of thought when it comes to combing weight training with boxing. Some trainers are strictly against it arguing that the muscles developed aren’t functional in boxing. Whereas other trainers view weight training as an essential part of conditioning.

Me, I subscribe to the strength is good theory. While power is mainly determined by technique, pumping iron will pack power into your punches.

Stick to big lifts and compound movements like squats and deadlifts that work your legs and core as that’s where punching power comes from.

If you don’t lift weights, the high calorie burn rate of boxing will leave you a frail, bag-of-bones. This is especially true for ectomorphs like me.

Incidentally, I used this workout in a mass building phase and went from 77kg to 83.3kg in 12 weeks.

Be aware that when you are training with weights, you really need to give yourself proper rest and up your protein intake if you want your weights sessions to yield results. Don’t be tempted to over train. 2-3 times a week is enough.

Also, make sure to alternate between doing workouts A,B,A one week, and B,A,B the next.

What you’ll need: squat rack, barbell, dumbbells, EZ curl bar or tricep bar, weights, bench, low row machine, and lat pull down machine or pull up bar.

Due to the amount of equipment required, this workout is best performed in a gym.

If you’re looking to add mass to your frame, lift heavy and aim for six repetitions. Make sure to have a spotter in place for the big lifts.

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