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Bran MacRea

Bran MacRea has been an enthusiastic coach and competitor in the boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing community for over a decade. After years of being beat on by some of Canada’s brightest, he’s ready to share some trade secrets. Send Bran breakdown requests, training questions, and hate mail @macrea on Twitter.

How to Counter the Jab: 8 Techniques for Better Boxing Defense

In boxing, they say that you need to establish the jab first and foremost; if you can't land the jab, you won't land anything...

Advanced Boxing Tactics: Why Do Pros “Aim to Miss”?

A lot of boxing tactics are counter-intuitive; keeping our eyes open under fire, leading with our non-dominant hand, and tucking the chin are just...

How to Parry Punches: 10 Tips for Better Boxing Defense

Knowing how to parry punches will help you in any combat scenario, from kumite to Money fight.Mayweather parries on payday.If you had to rank...

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